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Welcome to Neptune's Gallery!

Gallery 1 - Underwater Scenic
Gallery 2 - Underwater Macro
Gallery 3 - Clown Fun
Gallery 4 - Wreck Diving
Gallery 5 - Dolphin Time
Gallery 6 - Black & White
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  In these pages...
  I attempt to capture some of the beauty and magic
  of our underwater world.
  From the smallest of creatures to the largest,
  all live in our ocean depths - in a rainbow of colors


The ocean is Earth's last frontier - a fragile homeland to many of our most incredible plants and animals.  
The following pages depict many of these jewels of the deep. 

Coral reefs provide habitat for thousands of different species -  Many of these are brightly colored and adapted to very specific ways of life.  Like terrestrial rain forests, reefs are disappearing rapidly as a result of human activities, including pollution, and overfishing.
Habitat and survival go hand in hand.  Some animals and plants can survive only in one specific type of habitat - when their habitat disappears, so do they.  Sadly it is becoming apparent that the effects people have on the land extend to the sea.  It is only with knowledge and education that this destruction can be controlled. 

'Should you shield the canyons from the wind, you would never see the beauty of its carvings.'  -
                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Kubler Ross