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Gallery 1 - Underwater Scenic
Gallery 2 - Underwater Macro
Gallery 3 - Clown Fun
Gallery 4 - Wreck Diving
Gallery 5 - Dolphin Time
Gallery 6 - Black & White
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I hope you've enjoyed your virtual 'web-dive', and seeing Nature's gems of the sea.   I enjoy sharing the images of these mostly gentle, sometimes dangerous, yet always beautiful underwater beings. 

A good day of diving and I feel like 'Queen of the World' ! Indonesia 2008

All the ingredients for an 'ideal' day - boat, water, sun, neoprene, camera !

A planned visit to the Mariner's Hyperbaric Chamber in the Keys (at Christmas)

Here's a shot of me (thanks Jaime !) taken in Wakatobi Indonesia, April 2008.   I'm reviewing an image I just shot (with a 'point & shoot' camera).


BTW, here's the 'turtle shot' I had just taken..


Click here to see photos of latest Indonesia journey (Singapore, Bali, Wakatobi/Sulawesi)

My girl 'Cedenia' and I sharing a moment.. Honduras 2011

Lynn Williams

'Should you shield the canyons from the wind, you would never see the beauty of its carvings.'  -
                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Kubler Ross