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Gallery 5 - Dolphin Time

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Gallery 5 - Dolphin Time
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The allure of dolphins seems universal.   These remarkable marine mammals instill visitors to their realm with a sense of peace, love, and gentle playfulness.   They are highly complex, social animals, which have a variety of different behaviors, sounds, postures, and gestures which they use to communnicate.   
Much research has been done to better understand these beautiful and graceful animals.  I was fortunate to visit RIMS, the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences in Honduras.   There, I had class time, learning more about their anatomy and behavior, diving with, and feeding the dolphins.  I will never forget this most wonderful experience, and look forward to learning and experiencing more !  

'Ambassador of the Sea'

by Lynn Williams - 2011

'Dolphin Mosaic' 

by Lynn Williams - 2011

'Horsing Around'

by Lynn Williams -Honduras, 2011

Good example of a dolphin's 'countershading' camouflage - gray to dark gray on the back, fading to white on the underside (belly and head).  This helps conceal the dolphin from predators (and prey).  When viewed from above, the dolphin's darker back blends in with the darker depths.  When seen from below, the lighter belly blends in with the bright sea surface.  

'A Wary Eye' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

This youngster exhibits 'rake marks', parallel scratches on his skin most likely caused by another dolphin.  These marks typically result from play or mating - or in the case of this youngster, a reprimand or admonishment.   Rake marks heal fairly quickly.  

Also notice the stripes along the dolphin's forehead, which is common and helps in identifying individuals.  

'Dolphin Fanfare' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

'Roll Over, Play Dead' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

'Mom and Calf'

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

A calf usually stays with its mother for 3 to 6 years.  This 18-month old male calf is shadowing his mom and mimics what she does.  The mother is 8-months into a 12-month pregnancy with another calf.    (Left and Right photo)

'Like Mom, Like Son' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

'Making Waves' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

'Breaking a Wave' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

'It's a Fluke'

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

'Sticking Close to Mom' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

'A Dolphin Comes to Play' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

Wanna Come Out and Play ?

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

'Hunting for Tasty Morsels'

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011


by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011


by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

Down at about 70 feet, this male dolphin delighted in swimming circles around me, while I spun with him  He kept his eye on me as if to make sure I was 'keeping up' with him.   I felt rather 'special' !  
(Left and Right photos) 

'And More Circles' 

by Lynn Williams - Honduras 2011

Lynn Williams

'Should you shield the canyons from the wind, you would never see the beauty of its carvings.'  -
                                                                                                                      Elizabeth Kubler Ross